A Word About Streaming Music:

The internet has certainly made it far easier to get information and even search for music and videos. However, trying to play music or videos directly from the internet can be dangerous!

You are at the mercy of the internet connection and speed. If it crashes, so does your music or video.

  • Streaming music and videos almost always has a much lower quality than what is provided by owning the music files or video files.
  • Versions of the songs or videos are not assured with no way of previewing them. So, while you may be be expecting a family friendly version, you may wind up with a expletive-laden experience that would offend some of your guests.
  • Versions of music and videos may be chopped or contain advertisements in them.

That is why we own all the music and video we play at your event, so that we never have to be at the mercy of the internet.