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Looking for Professional, Experienced DJ’s for Your Wedding?

All of our Disc Jockeys are Master of Ceremonies and have more than fifteen years of experience. From the moment your first guest arrives, until the last dance, we will help to coordinate your wedding by taking care of all the announcements and playing a variety of music to ensure your wedding runs smoothly. We will also coordinate with the location, the caterer, the photographer and any other professionals, so that we are all working off the same page on the day of your wedding.

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Planning Your Wedding With MWE

Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be a lot of work, but it should be a lot of fun. Our goal is to provide you with helpful ideas and suggestions that will reduce your work and increase your overall enjoyment. If you have any questions regarding your agreement, ceremony and reception planner, payments, etc. please call or email us weekdays during regular business hours. We are available to answer any questions regarding special music ideas, ceremony musicians, or any other wedding related services.
We believe that the planning session for your wedding is the foundation of a successful reception. It is important to schedule this meeting with your DJ 3 – 4 weeks prior to your wedding. We realize that you will have many personal obligations prior to your wedding. However, it is important that we have both the bride and the groom in attendance for our final planning session. To help you budget your time, be prepared that this meeting will last 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The Sound System & Setup

One of the most important factors in the success of your reception is where our DJ sound system is to be set. It is critical that the DJ system is placed in an area directly next to the dance floor, and that the DJ has a good line of sight to the entrance of the room, head table and cake table.

As your Master of Ceremonies, our Emcee’s/Disc Jockey’s need to be able to see each of these areas in order to control the timing of each. It is not a good idea to surround your dance floor on all four sides with tables. Remember, our speakers need to carry sound to the dance area. If there are tables directly between the speakers and the dance floor, the guests seated at those tables will have an uncomfortable level of sound. Please be sure to provide us with a minimum of a 6′ x 10′ area to set the sound system and speakers.

If you have any guests seated in an adjacent area or room, we can provide additional speakers so that all of your guests can hear the announcements and music at a comfortable level. A nominal charge will apply for this customized speaker option.

The Sequence of Events
In addition to the set-up, the order and time-line of events is a very important part of the overall success of your wedding reception. As an entertainment professional, we are experts at helping you plan the very best sequence for all the events and formalities.

While you may get ideas from others, only your Master of Ceremonies can create the perfect sequence for you – one that seamlessly flows from one event to the next, while maximizing guest enjoyment and participation. If you are planning a tentative agenda with any other wedding professionals (caterer, photographer, etc.) please call us first. We will be happy to share our expertise and experiences that will help you customize the very best party.

Food & Drink

If you would like to provide us with a meal, it is not necessary to include us in your final count with the caterer. Meals are often available for us without the additional cost being incurred by you. We will make this arrangement with the banquet staff upon our arrival. Alcoholic beverages are NEVER consumed by Mark Welch Entertainment staff. However, providing ice water and soft drinks is greatly appreciated.

A Word About Streaming Music

The internet has certainly made it far easier to get information and even search for music and videos. However, trying to play music or videos directly from the internet can be dangerous as you are at the mercy of your internet connection and speed. If it crashes, so does your music or video.  Streaming music and videos almost always has a much lower quality than what is provided by owning the music files or video files.  Versions of the songs or videos are not assured with no way of previewing them. So, while you may be be expecting a family friendly version, you may wind up with a expletive-laden experience that would offend your some of your guests.  Versions of music and videos may also be chopped or contain advertisements in them.

That is why we own all the music and video we play at your event, so that we never have to be at the mercy of the internet.


Unlike many other service professionals, we do not contractually add service charges or gratuities. After considering the advanced pre-planning, the level of service and quality of presentation, along with your overall enjoyment, we believe you should decide for yourself what level of gratuity if any you feel appropriate.


Suggested traditional music for your ceremony (click links to listen to samples)

Wedding Pricing

Wedding Ceremony Only (up to 2 hours)
Includes an Emcee/DJ, (1) Sound System with (2) Speakers and up to (3) Microphone’s

Monday through Thursday: $600.00 (up to 2 hours)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: $800.00 (up to 2 hours)
(Set-up and Break-down are included, but not part of the start and end time)

Wedding Reception Only (up to 5 hours)
Includes an Emcee/DJ, (1) Sound System with (2) Speakers, up to (2) Microphone’s, and Club Style Lighting for the Dance Floor

Monday through Thursday: $1,200.00 (up to 5 hours)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: $1,500.00 (up to 5 hours)
(Set-up and Break-down are included, but not part of the start and end time)

Wedding Ceremony & Reception
(up to 6 hours)
Includes an Emcee/DJ, (2) Sound Systems with (4) Speakers, up to (3) Microphone’s for the Ceremony, and Club Style Lighting for the Dance Floor

Monday through Thursday: $1,500.00 (up to 6 hours)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: $1,800.00 (up to 6 hours)
(Set-up and Break-down are included, but not part of the start and end time)


Includes an Emcee/DJ, (2) Sound System with (4) Speakers, up to (2) Microphones, and Club Style Lighting for the Dance Floor and (9) Uplights!

$2,800.00 (for up to 7 hours)
$2,500.00 (for up to 6 hours)
$2,200.00 (for up to 5 hours)
$1,900.00 (for up to 4 hours)

Retainer: $500.00 Retainer Required. We are not able to hold a date without a retainer
The retainer guarantees your date & DJ and will be deducted from the total
(The Retainer is fully refundable for up to 14 days from the payment date)

Overtime: $250.00 for every additional hour

Ceremony Rehearsal without sound system: $150 per hour
Includes your Emcee/DJ to help organize your ceremony, depends on availability
(One hour minimum is required)

Ceremony Rehearsal with Sound System: $250 an hour
Includes a sound system to play ceremony music and your Emcee/DJ to help organize your ceremony, depends on availability.
(One hour minimum is required)

Additional Items:

$150.00 Song Edit  (Up to 4 songs and 4 Edits)
A special mix for your special dance

$100.00 for each Additional Speaker
(If an additional speaker is needed for another room or area)

$200.00 for each Additional Sound System
(If additional sound system is needed for another room or area)

$25.00 for Each Additional Microphone (Handheld or Lapel)
(If additional microphone is needed for the officiant, speaker, reader or singer

$35.00 for a Countryman Microphone (Over the Ear Mic)
(If additional mic is needed for the officiant, speaker, or singer)

If your wedding is in San Francisco or Sausalito, please add an additional $300.00
(Parking and additional load-in time)

We offer a Power Generator: $200.00 (up to 6 hours)
(If you’re in an area with no power, 1/2 hour minimum)

All pricing is subject to change
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